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unit there. add to that a power outage in a refinery in southern california and plan maintenance in rodeo. another issue with a major pipeline bringing crude into some of the refineries. >> the bottom line is that we're dependent on it. until we get off the nipple we're never going to stop. they can do whatever they want. >> one problem is that there are a few number of producers who make that gasoline. and you can't rule out that it might be in the interest of one of the producers to cut back supply a ril bit and drive prices up. it's virtual limb possible to figure out if they're doing that. >> i've heard some stories at some point. i kind of stopped listening because there is a reason. and never a good answer. >> and when you need gas, you're stuck. you don't have option autos and here analysts can't agree on with when there might be relief. and we're told that the record here in california likely will be broken perhaps next couple days. perhaps only briefly. there is possible increase in supplies and we may see relief by the middle of next week. >> california has the cleanest
of calls. it was produced by a southern california company called insome kneeack. >> it was incredible. the problem is that no one was notified of the music. this is loudest i've heard. >> not that old. it's sad now, i'm at the age i'm like it's waking up my children it was a first parking lot show and officials say it may be the last. >> a report from the state treasurer shows a disstufshing trend, california bond debt is soaring. we take a look at the impact of the numbers from sacramento. >> california has been on a barroing binge over the last decade from road projects to high speed rail to stem cell research financed of taxpayers through bonds at a premium. and for every dollar, it takes to to pay back. >> unfortunately debt is a good way for today's politicians to pay for things on the becomes of tomorrow's taxpayers. >> a new report fror fr the treasurer show that's a tech yaid ago, bond debt was just over 3.5% of the general fund and this is costing every california about $800 a year to pay it off. next year estimated to jump to nearly 9%. with every taxpayer paying three times
of california, the recession may not have hurt you too badly. at least not in terms of your salary. a study reveals state employees compared better than work glerz private secretary year. a study shows a discrepancy in paychecks when comparing state workers versus californians. estimated state worker wages including pension pensions roughly 65 thu a year in 2005 and jumped to $80,000 five years later. a difference of 23%. person income was also $39,000 a year, increase to more than $42,000. a jump of only 10% during same time period. howard jar advice taxpayers foundation calling numbers a dangerous trend. >> this is demonstrating how california misspent money state employees received increases not found in the private sector. that is why we find ourselves in deficit situations. >> the report concluded had the public sector grew at the same rate, the state of california would have saved $2.1 billion. unions disagreed with the report they say unfairly labels them as source of the california budget problems. they point out it includes every californian including people not working and highly
history. >> i just learned this morning that the state of california is suing and going to court to force the disclosure whof are the donors from arizona or whenever that may be coming from off shore, nobody knows. >> the governor suspects the $11 million coming from rich folks in california who don't want to pay the increase in state income taxes. >> following up with something governor brown just mentioned. a judge ruled an arizona group must explain why they will not reveal who pult up money contributed to defeat prop 30. the group has given $11 million to a state political action committee fighting against a temporary tax measure. fair political practices commission claims the path is required to reveal names of contributors but the lawyer says the constitution allows people to express opinions through donations. >> this can only be interfered with if rules are clear and if they have the authority. they do not and coming from donors through a nonprofit, out of state, then landing in california and they're failing to disclose. >> the judge is expected to make a ruling on on tuesday. >>
. >> just ahead a blistering attack on president obama. california g.o.p. fund-raiser blaming him for skyrocketing gas price autos and former president clinton comes to try to tip the scales in four races. there is a battle on both sides, now. >> there is gloves off, one campaign wants your vote goes negative against the governor. >> there is a service warranty gets five repairs the >>> an announcement from chevron today could keep the price of gasoline from coming down as we might like saying the unit will remain closed through the end of the year. that has been operating at about 60% sense the fire. the damaged unit considered the heart of the refinery because it disstills crude oil into fuels and revealed it's producing 92,000 fewer barrels per day than before the fire. >> and there are average price in california is now $4.67 a gallon. and in santa cruz gas is a penny higher. state republican party went on at tack accusing the president of ignoring the crisis during his visit here, yesterday and blaming liberals for driving price as above $4 a gallon. david louie is live with
more than 50 crepts in many bay area cities. some california gas prices are now more than a dollar above the national average. the price hike has been blamed on refinery problems in the state. today governor brown stepped in and asked refineries to switch to a winter blend of gas, and that would relief businesses and consumers. >> if it's right, that would have major impact on the price of gasoline. increasing our supply by 8 or 10% be plenty to bring down california prices to the normal relationship to the rest of the country. >> some drivers figure they have no choice but to pay the high prices. >> we live in a state that is very resticktive. costs more to build here, do business here, more to buy gas here. >> the major problem is california has just a few refineries that produce the low emission special fuel for the state and we're in a very vulnerable position when refinery accidents happen. >> now, senator feinstein is asking the federal trade commission to investigate the recent hike in gas pricesment she wants the ftc to establish a permanent market monitoring team. now, pro
initiative to help fund california public schools. now, a group from arizona with conservative ties called americans for responsible leadership donated $11 million into a super pac account to help defeat brown's measure, brown said these interests are hurting california school children. >> my career i've never seen such a secret fund of money pore nootd campaign in three week buzz we intend to expose those donors. >> government reform groups are trying to trace the money and have filed a complaint to force the pack to identify donors. unlimbed money can be donated a new law says the names of the contributors to nonprofits must be made public. >> what is challenging is that you have a hard time evaluating the truthfulness and bias of the spender. >> small business action committee packs says the law dictates they must be revealed only if the money is for something specific. >> none contributions are earmarked for anything. and so $11 million will be spent based on what small committee action committees want the goal on. >> the goal is to defeat governor brown's tax initiative and support an
. >>> a christian legal group cal yempking a california law banning health officials from trying to turn gay and lesbian teenagers straight and the american skrik association considered this harm tofl patients. conservatives filed a lawsuit to stop the ban claiming it's tune unconstitutional violating the first amendment. >> this is absolutely clamping down on speech by professionals involved and affects minors and their parents rights to access particular types of therapy. >> the group argues the therapy does work for some people and he signed the bill and said, quote, these have no basis in science or medicine. they will now be relegated to the dust bin of quackery. >> an oakland man is one of 23 winners so called genius grants and is a family independence initiative after a challenge from mayor jerry brown taking a different approach to help poor families instead of giving aid it helps them figure out their own paths towards self sufficient. >> we're looking at character loans so that if you don't meet other criteria, there are other criteria you can access low interest loan autos the fam
from? i don't want to pay that. there are bills began going out to 825,000 mostly rural california residents who live in what is called sra, state responsibility areas where cal fire responds to fires. part of a 2011 deal between governor and democrats saying the fee, generating about $40 million a year is legitimate because the once rural lands face greater right after this ook they pass that tax increase with a vote. >> the taxpayer association just filed a lawsuit claiming that that fee is a tax. it means legislature needed a super majority to be valid. the group wants homeowners refunded. >> we're having them pay it and we follow the lawsuit against that tax base seeking to invalidate it. >> in light of a year seen 1300 more fires state wide, cal fire says the fee is critical. the agency's budget has been deducted by the amount the fire fee supposed to bring in this year. >> there is a majority coming out of the general fund. it goes up and goes down with the economy. with this new funding source with the fee, it's providing a stable funding source to help us preprevent lashlge
as well. that that is looking good. >> coming up next a change of focus in california prison system. >> why >>> a hercules middle schoolteacher was busted for having marijuana on campus, police say they found a pound of pot in the car. they were looking for an id because. the 66-year-old was arrested at the principal's office. >> the state correction department says it's returning its focus to rehabilitating inmates instead of just warehousing them. it says that 20,000 low risk prisoners have been transferred now and now has room and funds to offer classes, group therapy and counseling. >> because of the competing needs offenders have it was very difficult to have flex dwroiblt get offenders to the right prison because there are other competing needs. just more crowded the system is, less flexibility have you. >> nearly 68% end up back in jail within three years. that is one of the worst rates in the nation. >> mayors placed their bet today and it's unusual. san francisco mayor says if giants lose he will go to detroit and visit there. if the giants win, detroit mayor promised to sp
, he knows where to go this, is the well. northern california. it's been a long day for the president, we've been following him. let's again this morning at sfo. if tsa seems restrictive, there is a several of security unseen since the last time. >> i was not able to say anything. >> for a small group they were worth while. they waited and they waited untilxgrally all traffic keysed. >> it would come over to shake stands to give us smiles. and we'll give encouraging words. >> there is the office of the president admits this is a political trip. his next stop tonight, a concert featuring john legend. tickets for,000 people cost $100 to 200s skpdz they began lining up going through screening hours in advance. >> thisxd is importantp because it's historical. >> just to see him in person. there is just a thrill. >> the president drew a few protestors. this group opposes the war in afghanistan.ñr and says he knows this is a hostile audience, but he's pranting seed autos ob yaum yaum -- obama being the worst president in the country's history hands down. >> why? >> we don't have that much
page application. we do an extensive check. >> in california, agencies are required to fingerprint nan skbreez use a service called trust line to monitor. parents hiring on their own are less likely to take precautions.. >> she just started with us. when you hear he stories you get a little bit scared. you know? >> what the industry wants is to reassure parents they've probably made an excellent choice, one suggestion have a monthly meeting to keep lines of communication open. >> sit down talk to them. find out do you still like the job? you know? how are thing goesing on in your personal life? is there anything we can do to help you. >> when it comes to an unspeakable tragedy, these mothers say sometimes, the questions have no answers. >> bart unveiled a key link in its southbound journey to san jose today. a new tour that will whisk passengers under lake elizabeth. this tunnel took three years to complete only after the city went to court to stop the tracks from going over lake elizabeth. >> this depth amazed me. >> and there is more. the tunnel came in $112 kblinl under budget thank
california by friday there is showers in southern california maybe some snow above 80,000 feet. bay area there is mostly cloudy skies and possible sprinkles but no wide spread rainfall likely. there is mainly cloudy skies and sunny skies in the north bay and east bay. there is high temperatures mainly into 60s, low 70s inland spots. here is the accu-weather forecast there is sunny skies saturday and there is is upper 70s around the bay. upper 60s on the coast. >> and if you drive a toyota >>> federal safety regulators issued a warning today. if your car air bags have been replaced, it amounts to tens of thousands of vehicles. you may have to take it to the shop soon, toyota issued a new recall today bigger than two years ago because of a faulty power window switch. apparently not greased properly. 200 people reported a problem. there are seven and a half million vehicles and throughout the world we have the specifics for you on abc 7 you'll find it under see it on tv. >> surprising forecast for the tech industry with so many people turning to sales of personal computers will dec
. we're hanging in there. >> but first a new scandal in the california prison system. two dozen workers in big trouble for smuggling cell phones to inmates. >> open enrollment for health care benefits. which plan right for you and your family? taking a look at that question as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues. stay with us. >>> late today secretary of state hillary clinton took responsible for a security lapse in libya on september 11th. four american diplomats were killed including a bay area man, ambassador chris stevens when a group attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. secretary clinton saying security decisions were her responsibility. the group claiming responsibility for the attack may be connected to al qaed yachl the white house launched drones to track them down. ambassador stevens will be honor md a memorial starting tomorrow at 4:30 at san francisco city hall. >> a new california law makes it a crime to smuggle cell phones into state prisons. it's been a big problem. nannette miranda reports 20 state workers have a lot of their jobs this year. >> and a new report from califor
into gear. david louie sl outside california theater. the site of the big event today. david? >> what a day here, this year, apple's ceo said this would be quite a year for innovation. the company delivered new systems for mobile and desk stop, two new ipods, a new third generation ipad and a 15 inch mac book pro. now, we're in 4th quarter of the year, there is more. this is one time apple didn't succeed in making a secret. >> you can hold this in one hand. this is a shrunken down ipad, it's a new design. >> it's screen almost two inches smaller than the original, the display resolution is identical meaning graphics, text and photos will look the same. apple did a comparison with a tab blet to prove a smaller ipad beats the competition. >> all of the software vendors and hardware vendors competing with apple are going to see this as the gold standard. >> the ipad mini starts at $329, that is $170 less than a full sized ipad but packing same features is leaving some experts to predict this is leading to creation of a single all in one device. >> it's going to be converging mobile phone
administration is setting its aside 300 acres in california to build solar powered plants. it's a new approach for the federal government which allowed jerls to choose where they wanted to put renewable energy plants. the administration will designate public lands with fewer wildlife for development. >> a san jose community group asking city officials to help struggling schools with low scores. the organization held a meeting today and county education officials. the group wants the city to push forward with a 3-year-old initiative to eliminate the achievement gap by year 2020. reports show progress has been slo. they see charter schools as a solution. mayor reid is a supporter. >> we need to support the schools. the charter schools play an important role, i think in continuing to build the opportunities for all of our kids. >> there is some progress made in closing the gap in english. there is a significant jump. >> as we continue tonight at 6:00 your voice, your vote. we'll bring you a fact check on the vice presidential debate last night. how much was true and how much was malarky? >> and p
,000 and police say it um may come from southern california gangs.. >> real giants gear is flying off the shelves. take a look at the line in san fr the corner. it's that long before the story opened. fans aren't just buying caps and shirts for them selfs.. >> my sister and 5-year-old son i want to mark the ocean for them. >> we have excitement and energy. just you know, eager to put on that shirt that says 2012 champion. >> authentic tee shirts go for $32. >> it will be a scene in orange and black. >> we're going to ask spencer christian to give us a report on what accused -- used to be hurricane sandy. >> from abc 7 i team a serial killer leaves local police to his victims. the news continues right after this. >> you're looking at a live picture from atlantic city, new jersey. sandy made land fall. >> sandy has been down graded but we've just received word there are still hurricane force gusts in the north new york city area. >> four million people have lost power, new york state confirmed five deaths including three children. flooding is wide spread and it's expect owed to continue and get wor
the country to help restore power back east. >> pg&e sending people from around california bringing trucks and equipment with them. >> we're live near sacramento they're loading up, getting ready to leave. >> they are. you know i had an opportunity to speak to crew members who have done this before. some say they look forward to doing it because it gives them an opportunity to work with crews and instill upon others values learned here. and some techniques they go through time and time again. crews decided they'd take on assignments to go east ask help co-workers over there. they're sending work dwrorz new york to get to the nation's largest city, up and running again. some are flying on a 73 p that has been chartered. some are driving but they're sharing a mission, restore power as soon as possible. now, about 150 employees took off today many from the bay area, they had to make arrangement was families. teams told their assignment could be three days or three weeks but not one of them showed signs of hesitation about going. >> as far as crew goes, they can do it with eyes closed they're
, the final 12 miles from lax to the california science center proved to be some of the toughest. delaying the shuttle's profile by 17 hours. >> had to move in all different directions. this thing is amazing. we were crabbing, going around things sideways, going back and forth. >> a sight to see as the massive piece of air not cal engineering zigged and zagged, dodging buildings, light poles and trees, coming win millimeters of damaging branches, officials say the shuttle couldn't be taken apart for fear of destroying the damaged tiles and too wide to fit through underpasses, the freeways were out, which left a route through the center of the city, giving a million people a once in a lifetime show. >> today is the day to thank a lot of people that for their patience, their support, and for the tremendous enthusiasm as we moved the endeavour through city streets. reporter: another live look at the final work being done here in exposition park. getting ready to push the space shuttle into the brand new hangar. it's going to remain here sack toll for five years, and then hope to put it in a v
that? still pretty high. nationally a gallon of regular averages out to 3.75 a gallon. california, 4.47 is the average price in san francisco, an average of 4.51 per gallon. analysts say demand is dropping, supplies increasing, resulting in lower prices. >> a bay area church returned by a late knight fire, forged ahead with a fundraiser. >> an out of the world discovery? novato, the item one home owner claims is a meteor rite from last week's light show. >> get ready for rain. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: i'm mike mike shumann. raiders and jaguars playing. look at this 64 yarder for the victory. came up short but hatt -- had another >> a fundraiser underway in berkeley after a fire burned an historic church last night. them to -- we're live at the episco pal. interesting timing. >> unfortunately they had this fire and changed plans just a little bit but they're still going. the church of the good shepherd has been secured by a restoration company. the parishioners planned the auction weeks ago. now they say even though they're not in the best of m
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